0040 766 694 475
Str. Calea Branului nr. 55G, Bran
Luni: 14-22:30; Marți - Sâmbătă: 12-22:30; Duminica: 12-19:30
Restaurantul D.O.R. face parte din familia  Crăiasa Munților
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    If you get to our restaurant and, of course, feel great, we are welcoming you to our big & happy DOR family! 🙂 And because the more the merrier, why won't you tell the others about it, too?! Take a selfie or brag on Insta with our dishes under #retraiestecudor hash tag, tag us @retraiestecudor or just check in on Facebook in our place and we're done: we are all together now. Whichever option you might choose, just make sure that your phone camera is perfectly clean before taking the pictures. This, of course, if you want to share with your friends only the fun, and not also the fingerprints 🙂